Spring Balances, Weights & Measures

Salter Brand Spring Balances

Robust, Portable, Accurate & Reliable Spring Balances

Circlular Balance

Circular Balance Suspended Scale Spring Balances


10X Circular Spring Balances


6S Baby Scale Spring Balances

6S - Baby Scale

Applications of Circular Balances

1. Universal Scale - Shops & Wholesalers | Armed Forces | Agriculture | Fisheries | Textiles | College & Schools | Milk Collection Centers | Daries and Milk Man
2. Baby / Infant Weighing - For Hospitals | Nursing Homes | Rural Health Centers | NGO's

Tubular Balance

Electro Samson Hanging Scale Spring Balances

Electro Samson

Little Samson Hanging Scale Spring Balances

Little Samson

Super Samson Hanging Scale Spring Balances

Super Samson

Applications of Hanging Scales

1. Vegetable & Fruits | Groceries | Scrap | Poultry Feeds | Luggage & Parcels | Baby Weighing | Tea & Coffee Industries | Fisheries | Office & Home usage. | Gas Cylinders | Testing Equipment | Proof Loading | Corporate Gifts

Other Products

Baby Hanging Weighing Scales

Baby Hanging Scale

infant hanging weighing scales

Infant Hanging Scale

Baby Weighing Scales Pan Type

Baby Weighing Scale

Adult Weighing scales

Adult Weighing Scale


Baby Weighing Under ICDS Schemes in WCD Department
Infant Weighing Under NHM Programmes in HBNC/Asha Kit